26 June, 2012

An experiment...

When I'm in-between projects I like to play around with yarn to see if something 'spurts' in my hands or brain!
This time, I using different colours of the same yarn to see the difference between the textures of crochet vs knitting.
The crochet is making the yarn heavier whereas the knitting is making the yarn lightweight... hmm.
I was hoping to turn it into a tea-cosy but the thick bits & the thin bits are well, they are frustrating. I think I'll put this project aside at the moment & come back to it at a later date!!

25 June, 2012

and the winner is...

The winner of the FableBay pendant is....

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..which is SusandD1408CrochetAddict!   Yay for Susan!
Susan, I have sent you an email for your contact details.

Thanks to all for entering & special thanks to Amber of Fable Bay for sponsoring the giveaway!

Taa daa!

Yay for me, I've finished my socks!
testing for fit - nice!
I feel like a true accomplished knitter now, I've finally started a knitting project & finished it within a couple of months!

22 June, 2012


I started yet another crochet project but due to my bandaged finger, I have had to put it aside....  
Let's hope I don't lose total interest in it & never finish it!!

20 June, 2012

In the wars

Things have been a little tough for me lately, I've been 'in the wars'.
Firstly I burnt myself on the oven. I burnt a nice big spot on my right arm, about the size of my thumb. Ouch.
Then I get myself a bacterial infection on my skin (unrelated to burn) - I'm itchy all over & it's driving me crazy so I've been on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks now.
THEN I go & cut a chunk off my fingertip off. OUCH!!!!!    So now that is all bandaged up & has been throbbing like you wouldn't believe and of course, it's my right hand and yes, I'm right handed! Did I say OUCHHHHHHHHH!
So I've been bored & sore & feeling sorry for myself. 
So I sat down on the couch & tried to figure out how I can crochet with a bandaged finger.... after some cussing & ouching I got a rhythm going!  
Now, I'm not crocheting anything technical, just a simple granny but at least I'm not bored!!!

Oh... do you have any idea how hard it is to change a nappy one handed.... it's really, really challenging!!

18 June, 2012

Giveaway with FableBay

How would you like to win this fantastic necklace from Fable Bay??LAST ONE Capri Blue Glass Teardrop Wire Wrapped in Dark Oxidized Sterling Silver Wire and Chain - Sundown Necklace
The pendant is a beautiful blue Czech Glass teardrop pendant bound
with oxidized sterling silver & hung from a 24inch oxidized chain.

14 June, 2012

Taa Daa with a ARGHH NO!!

I've been making a bubba a hat, cos it's cold here and getting colder.
I found a pattern, followed the pattern, all was looking great.

12 June, 2012

the word...

You know I hate Word Verification on blogs don't you? I hate it so much that I took it off of mine.
Well, if you thought Blogger Word Verifications were tough to read, try this Facebook one....
What the duck does it say???
..and no it doesn't say TOJEM  cos I tried that!!!  
How stooooopid are these word thingies that we have to put up with nowadays!!

11 June, 2012

Hooking again..

The start of something new cos it's just getting so darn cold here..

07 June, 2012

Taa Daa....

 Yay, I finished bub's stripey no pattern vest.

05 June, 2012

Oh Whoa...

There's quite a few people in my life at the moment who need cheering up....
Now I can't promise that this video will make life perfect for you but it should put a smile on your dial, at least for a few minutes anyway.

Put the volume on, ignore the music in the background & concentrate on bubs.
Bubba Joe is 17mths old in this video.

Now, did that make you smile?
... the question that Dadda & I have been asking ourselves since we captured this moment is... what will he be when he grows up??  I'd love to your opinions based on the video above!  I can see him owning his own business, maybe a gardening business or construction of sometype and he's on the phone to either a client or a supplier!


I undertook an experiment to make bread with leftover Minestrone Soup...
I made two loaves, one the standard white loaf (on the left) and the bread made with the leftover soup.
The wet mix before rising..
The mix after rising... (interesting to note that the different thicker liquid didn't affect the rise/yeast)

04 June, 2012

In a book..

I'm officially a legend - cos I'm in a book....
Well, ok not really because I made the book.. but the important thing is that bubba thinks that the book is ACE and that is all that matters!!  I made it in his naptime, so the paper isn't cut straight, the pictures aren't perfectly glued down...... (oh well!!)

02 June, 2012

Packed & Posted

Stacks of crochet....  but what for?
Posted parcels.... but what for?
Hmm, maybe if you signed up to my PIF last year you may be receiving some in the post very very soon.....
And if you did... then please, please let me know what you think of them, I'd love your feedback!