25 June, 2012

Taa daa!

Yay for me, I've finished my socks!
testing for fit - nice!
I feel like a true accomplished knitter now, I've finally started a knitting project & finished it within a couple of months!

testing for snugness - comfy!
...and may I add, when I tried the socks on to take the photos, they warmed my cold toes right up that I haven't taken them off! ... it's cold down here in Hobart, not just cold but very, very crisp!!!
testing for warm - toasty!
On Ravelry here....
Please ignore my well-worn blundstones, I gave up polishing them about 5 years ago & sob, they are almost worn through in the soles....


  1. félicitations car ce n' est pas évident j' ai commencé une fois mais ayant du mal avec les quatre aiguilles j' ai abandonnée les tiennes sont une belles réussites bravo biz

  2. I bet they are all broke in too! I love your socks I love my wool socks wear them all winter! I wish I could fiqure out how to make my own! Woot woot for you!

  3. Argh! My browser is playing up and I can only see the bottom photo, the others are just purple lines! The tops of your socks look fab... wish I could comment on the rest of them!

  4. Totally an accomplished knitter! You knit socks! Hooray! I have sock yarn and a pattern here to attempt knitting socks too. I can't wait. Just need to get another dpn. And possibly finish another project or two first... :)


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