12 June, 2012

the word...

You know I hate Word Verification on blogs don't you? I hate it so much that I took it off of mine.
Well, if you thought Blogger Word Verifications were tough to read, try this Facebook one....
What the duck does it say???
..and no it doesn't say TOJEM  cos I tried that!!!  
How stooooopid are these word thingies that we have to put up with nowadays!!


  1. Hi Rie - you're SO right, I hate this word verification, too!

    have a great day,


    PS: it's still there (maybe blogger doesn't want it to changed? *gg*)

  2. I would try TC2J.EM

    But you are right - it is a bit to deciperish...

  3. Crazy, crazy, no fun to comment on blogs where you need to use Sherlock Holmes for the words. I took it off my blog.

  4. I'm with you. I suppose I understand in theory what they're for, but they are a bother. And they have prevented me from leaving a comment when I couldn't figure out what the word was.

    It looks like Blogger has something else in mind for you, the pesky verification is still there!!!

  5. Arrgghh! I really dislike word verification. I mean, how on earth are you supposed to read those pesky things?

    BTW, why is yours still on ...lol. I think it's a conspiracy by Blogger :)

  6. I hate them too! I think I should take mine off as well. I got this beautiful surprise yesterday when my mum came back from London. She brought back a package that came all the way from Tasmania!!! Thank you!!! It's such a beautiful little bag! I love the colours and I'm using it to hold some yarn on the go at the moment! Thank you SOOOOOO much!

  7. Arghhh..... stupid blogger word verification thingy.. ok, I'm going to try once again to turn it off - please let me know if it's still on! Thanks, Rie.

  8. AMEN!! And take note Bloggers, I will try once, MAYBE, and then leave.

  9. I don't really get what the purpose of them is. I don't have word verification on my blog and blogger is very good at filtering spam. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I found if I tilt my head to the right, I can decipher much better. Sarah is right. It is TC2J.EM :) Tammy


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