04 June, 2012

In a book..

I'm officially a legend - cos I'm in a book....
Well, ok not really because I made the book.. but the important thing is that bubba thinks that the book is ACE and that is all that matters!!  I made it in his naptime, so the paper isn't cut straight, the pictures aren't perfectly glued down...... (oh well!!)
It has all his favourite things in it (and some not so favourite that need to be!)...
BTW.. that's Joe's hand holding the book open for me...

"dis?" asks Bubba Joe


  1. Funny how we worry about perfection! I'll bet that Joe thinks it is perfect just as it is, made by his Mama with love. It's a lovely book and is sure to make him feel special. Love that little talking face in the last shot. :)

  2. Just too cute. Nothing else needs to be said!

  3. Gorgeous! Of course you are a legend :) Kx

  4. What an awesome mamma you are. Great book, great idea, fabulously made. Bravo.

  5. Oh, he is so handsome! I just had to pop in and say that....

  6. ooooh what a cute little man I just love chubby baby hands they are too sweet.



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