20 June, 2012

In the wars

Things have been a little tough for me lately, I've been 'in the wars'.
Firstly I burnt myself on the oven. I burnt a nice big spot on my right arm, about the size of my thumb. Ouch.
Then I get myself a bacterial infection on my skin (unrelated to burn) - I'm itchy all over & it's driving me crazy so I've been on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks now.
THEN I go & cut a chunk off my fingertip off. OUCH!!!!!    So now that is all bandaged up & has been throbbing like you wouldn't believe and of course, it's my right hand and yes, I'm right handed! Did I say OUCHHHHHHHHH!
So I've been bored & sore & feeling sorry for myself. 
So I sat down on the couch & tried to figure out how I can crochet with a bandaged finger.... after some cussing & ouching I got a rhythm going!  
Now, I'm not crocheting anything technical, just a simple granny but at least I'm not bored!!!

Oh... do you have any idea how hard it is to change a nappy one handed.... it's really, really challenging!!