20 June, 2012

In the wars

Things have been a little tough for me lately, I've been 'in the wars'.
Firstly I burnt myself on the oven. I burnt a nice big spot on my right arm, about the size of my thumb. Ouch.
Then I get myself a bacterial infection on my skin (unrelated to burn) - I'm itchy all over & it's driving me crazy so I've been on antibiotics for almost 2 weeks now.
THEN I go & cut a chunk off my fingertip off. OUCH!!!!!    So now that is all bandaged up & has been throbbing like you wouldn't believe and of course, it's my right hand and yes, I'm right handed! Did I say OUCHHHHHHHHH!
So I've been bored & sore & feeling sorry for myself. 
So I sat down on the couch & tried to figure out how I can crochet with a bandaged finger.... after some cussing & ouching I got a rhythm going!  
Now, I'm not crocheting anything technical, just a simple granny but at least I'm not bored!!!

Oh... do you have any idea how hard it is to change a nappy one handed.... it's really, really challenging!!


  1. Holy cow! You're sure in some state! I admire your persistence. I may have been tempted to just give up - for fear of poking my eye out!
    Glad the grannys are making you happy! And may all your hurts heal quickly!

  2. Oh Rie, you poor thing! You really are going through the wars. Hope everything heals very soon! Your crochet looks amazing btw! No-one would know you were 'down a finger' ;) Kx

  3. I guess it is time for Bub to pot train himself, eh? :). As if they ever do it when we want them to...

  4. Ouch!! It really does hurt slicing the top of your finger.
    Love the colours you have chosen for the granny!


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