14 June, 2012

Taa Daa with a ARGHH NO!!

I've been making a bubba a hat, cos it's cold here and getting colder.
I found a pattern, followed the pattern, all was looking great.

I finished it & popped it on bubba's head. Well, no, I squeezed it on bubba's head....
So... if you have a bub who is smaller/younger than mine - would you like it??  Bubba is 17mths old & average size so you're bubs would need to be smaller of course.. 
If you would like it, first in, first served, just send me an email to:: happy4strangers@gmail.com  and relieve me of this too-small & annoying to look at hat cos I stupidly didn't read the pattern correctly.... (used the wrong yarn & hook).

For the deets, it's on Ravelry here...


  1. Dang - just a couple more rounds and you would have been golden. My girl's much older, but its super generous of you to offer it up.

  2. Arrgghh - what a shame! It is pretty cute though. Will you be making another a wee bit bigger?!

  3. I did the same thing with my first beret attempt! This is really beautiful, gorgeous colour..x

  4. Oh no! Cute hat though! Will you make another bigger one?

  5. I have one in Germany who will need a hat for next winter! I will even replace the yarn, if you tell me what it is. I love your handmade items. We can do a trade?

  6. Oh dear, mine are too big for it unfortunately, but someone will love this hat, you did a great job anyway!

  7. Oh don't we all have those moments?.....
    Even more frustrating when you've followed the pattern to a T......Love the yarn graduated yarn colour.....

    CLaire :}

  8. Oh no, that sucks! On the plus side, making another one should be easier as you have made this one, right?

  9. It is beautiful - but wind will blow through the holes !

  10. And it looks so cute. Oh well - put it down to learning.

  11. Oh, that's frustrating! I hope it found a good home.


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