21 November, 2010

Baby Pool (take a punt, there is a prize to be won!)

We just turned 37 weeks pregnant today, the baby is due on the 11th December.....
But what is your guess, when will the baby be born?
Take a punt, submit a comment stating Sex, Date, Time & Weight
and the closest person will win a prize!
The prize will be a surprise too!
(remember to leave a way to contact you in case you're the winner!)


  1. My punt is ummmm.....
    Girl, 14th December, 2:30pm and weighing 7lb 10oz. Don't really understand baby weights in grams.

    Hope the final few weeks don't drag too much and that the whole meeting your child process goes really well and is not traumatic for any of you.

  2. Girl, 24 December, 7 pounds 15 oz, 2.15 pm. I can only remember how big my kids were in pounds, not kilo, even though I grew up with kilos. She 7 pound 15. He 9 pound 2. Good luck! Waters most likely to break at 4 am!

  3. Okay just a guess, a little boy on the 13th of December, weighing around 3.5 kilos! How exciting for you too.

  4. I can't resist playing along!

    I will say girl, 19th December, 7 pound 13, at 6am (bubs are never considerate when it comes to time)

  5. ok, girl, 12 December 3pm, 3.3kg... best wishes!

  6. Left of the centre, I will go for December 21st, full moon in Gemini.

    Best wishes for a beautiful birth experience.


  7. hmmm boy on the 8th of December, 3.8 kilos and I think, 7:45am I wish you calm and happy birth.

  8. 14th December (sorry) and it will be a good one!


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