10 June, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I am busy 'recycling' but I've never really thought of it as recycling as such - just using what was at hand without creating waste or spending unnecessary money.
As a child I remember collecting all the old stamps, soaking them and popping them into my stamp album - in fact, I remember that you used to be able to go to KMart and buy a pack of used stamps!  But not anymore, I have collected these from work (we get lots and lots of mail) and bought them home.  And yes, I did have to field those questions from my co-workers of ..... 'why are you ripping the stamps off the envelopes' and yes, they just sort of looked at me dumbly when I explained that I wanted to use them to decorate a table!  
So, today I'm soaking stamps. Fun!
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