30 December, 2015

Taa daa... A pretty summery dress for Laney

I needed to take some time out, so I decided to sew my lil girl, Laney, a dress and because it was the very first dress I had ever made, I opted for a vintage sheet as the fabric instead of the fancy shmancy expensive fabric that I have waiting to be used!
Now, not wanting to toot my own trumpet ..but... I think it looks pretty ace!  The pattern was a little fiddly but I think with practice I will get better at it as I'm already planning colour schemes for making another!
My model wouldn't stay still for a shot though, not even bribery of a cracker was going to work, so we threw that idea away and decided to head to town.

The vintage sheet fabric was an awesome fabric to use because it was already soft & flowing rather than the stiff new stuff you get (cos I don't prewash!). So, of course, I have been scrolling thru the internet to find some more as the colours & patterns are just gorgeous, check these ones out!

And to finish our trip out, of course there has to be a giant cookie involved!

You should grab the sewing pattern for the girls in your life as it goes from size 1 (what Laney is wearing) up to size 10. The pattern is a pdf and you can print out all the sizes on the one pattern OR you can just print the size you need. 

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