07 December, 2015

PPP ...puffy pouchy pursey

 I'm feeling a little chuffed with myself, I made this from a kit - do you like it?

I found the kit hidden in the back of my fabric stash. I'd bought it about 5 years ago but was never confident enough to make it.  It wasn't an easy make but it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! The fabric was from my stash, not part of the kit. The cute birds I got years ago from here ... wish I'd bought of it as it's such a cute design.
I like that it is 'puffy' ... it may not be as puffy as the picture on the pattern but hey, it's puffy enough for me!
Have you ever made a purse like this (with a clasp)? This was a sew in clasp - it took a little fiddling but I got it in the end. I have a few more clasps in my stash, I'm going to try to make them to clear out my stash a bit.
If you want to make one for yourself, you can get a similar one here or you can try this one like I am so tempted with (I'm a sucker for a cute heart!!). What I really have my eye on are these 'jelly clasps' or these ones with the big bold bobbles but first I must really use what I have then splurge on these as a reward!


  1. This is adorable! Yes I have made a few. I usually use glue first then sew them in.


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