22 December, 2015

Handmade Gifts: a wooden doll pram

Wanting to buy less plastic and give more handmade, we (hubby, Joe & I) got together and made a doll pram for lil Laney. 

Hubby designed it himself with specifications ....ok, suggestions, I suggested a lot of things, he first designed it on paper then finally it went to the timber then cutting, hammering, sanding (Joe helped with the sanding) and then the painting and then back to me for the fabric top, mattress and of course, a quilt.
We all think it looks fantastic, remember that none of us are carpenters, so forgive any woody faux pas that you can see!
I chose a neutral them for the fabric hood & mattress as I figured that Laney could & probably will, go crazy with colour on the doll & blankets....and speaking of blankets, did you see that awesome quilt... yes, my second quilt!

Yes, my second!  It's bigger than my first one (here) and I actually tried using half square triangles in a zig zag pattern, I impressed myself with that!
So, or should I say sew, what shall I make next? Maybe this quilt or is that too eager for me and instead I should do this class to perfect my skills?
If you are now thinking that the little person in your life needs their own wooden pram then you should check out this shop - they have the most awesomeness (yes!!) wooden prams, lawnmowers, letterboxes, bows & arrows for kiddies and they are made by a proper professional carpenter-type fellow not like my hubby!!

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  1. Where can I buy one (the cute white baby doll stroller, love it!)?


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