09 December, 2015

Handmade Gifts: Pillowtalk Teddy.

I made the cutest little teddy for Joe but he's not an ordinary teddy, this guy has a little secret....
This little teddy is what I'm calling a Pillow Talk Teddy as he lives in a little pouch on the side of a pillow where you can tell him all your secrets & fears and he will hold them close to his heart.
I got the idea from this book, although I cheated and used a ready made pillow case and well, I didn't exactly follow the pattern or the instructions but hey, I still think he is adorable.
I made him from scraps and an old fabric from my stash, so he is a great stash buster. Also the pillowcase is one of those new ones in my cupboard that has been hiding in there for about 10 years or so!
I can see myself making a couple of more of these over the years, maybe one for Laney and then some in case of icky childhood illnesses.

Now to decide if he will be given to Joe for his birthday next week or hang on to him and give it to Joe for Christmas, oh and of course.... what to make next, hmmm maybe this?

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