15 December, 2015

Teachers gifts... I think - what do you think?

I desperately need your opinion as I'm having major self-doubts right now. I made some presents as teacher gifts for Joe's teachers ...but are they good enough or ??

So, this is what I've made....
 They are big pouches with a stitched picture of the actual teachers.
Joe drew each teacher then their name, his name & the year, I then turned them into stitchey pictures and sewed a pouch.
This is the one for Mrs Evans (with Joe & 2015) in the top corner - yes it does say evans, the n is attached to the top of the a -- Joe is only 4 and I didn't want to correct or redo his handwriting.
 This is for Mrs Martin.
 So, questions...
..do they look ok?
..if you were a Kindergarten teacher (& teachers aide) would you love them or loathe them?
..are they too 'much' or too 'little'
..should I just give the standard box of chocolates instead?  Btw, I have included a small bag of fancy choccies inside of them.
Honestly, I've never done a teachers gift before & never given one either because 'back in my day' we didn't do that! Also, I think if I was a teacher, I think I'd love something like this as a gift instead!!

One little fibbie was there... well, you see Joe was four last week when he drew them but today he turned five! Yes, my baby turned five!  So today (his birthday) is this third last day of kindergarten, next year he heads to prep!

Also, I ended up buying the zips needed from here... they were awesome & bright & colourful & quick & the postage was ok & the speed of delivery was brilliant too!