16 December, 2015

Miniature travelling teddy

I wanted to make something extra special for Joe for his birthday, something that he can treasure and be just for him. After putting my thinking cap on, I came up with the Travelling Teddy.

The Travelling Teddy lives in his own tin that kinda looks like a suitcase. He has a mattress & a quilt - no pillow because he is flat!

He is a very clever Teddy, he can even make his own bed!

...but wait, did you notice something....  I made my very own quilt!  Yes!!!!  It's so small that it fits into the palm of my hand but hey, we all have to start somewhere!   I used the quilt-as-you-go technique and need to work on how to attach the back of the binding edge especially the corners.

In case you want to make Travelling Teddy too, you could try a tin like this with a sliding top or if you were something with a cute design on it then you can't go past this one!


  1. This is adorable! That quilt is awsome!

  2. I do think it is the cutest. Your binding might work better if you try mitered corners when you sew the binding on the front and then the corners should neatly fold over so you can hand sew it done! Lots of youtube video out there on how to do it. I still think it looks great! Craftyjoe is becoming very familiar with the sewing machine! Peace, love and good night


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