01 December, 2015

My sewing evolution.

I sat down at my sewing machine, intent on making myself some pouches to start to organise my stuff...what happened to me was somewhat a miracle!
 My very first attempt at a pouch, of course failed. I had no pattern, I was just playing but hey, I don't mind failing as long as I learned something from it.
..and I did.
This is my first pouch. Ugh, right?! The backing was all crooked, the zip sewn was kinda ok but I stitched up the sides wrong and well, I won't mention (nor show you) the truly terrible lining!
..but I persisted.
The next day I sat down, I had cut out a cardboard template using the zip as a guide and making the bottom slightly wider. I sewed & sewed and hey, they worked!
..not to be content with that, I wanted to experiment more.....

I wanted to add a 'bottom' to my bags, a boxy type of shape ... and I did it.
...still wanting to experiment, I wanted to make a more useful bag to hold my sewing & knitting notions in ....

So I fiddled, jiggled and made a trianglur pouch. Perfect!  ...but was it? I now wanted to make a pouch to fit a knitting project into...

Whammo!!   I did it!  And yes, I feel super proud!  I call it my wide open pouch. I can fit a small ball of wool in there, perfect for crocheting. Yes, now I want a bigger one for my knitting projects but I have run out of zips!  I have ordered some (from here) but they come from overseas so now I have to sit and patiently wait for them!  Can you recommend anywhere else that sells zips?

..and if you think my sewing life has been easy, well ha!  Check out what my dear lil monkey girl did to a pouch when I wasn't looking!
She decorated the front, the zip and the lining with a permanent marker. grrrrrrrr