26 November, 2015

Mystery Sewing

You know me, so many projects on the go that I'm struggling to keep up with my MSAL (mystery sew along) but I'm plodding along, trying to keep on track with what I have & haven't done.  

Here are the current parts that I've done (previous updates here & here)
Part 5 are these flower panels, they are supposed to have stalks but I love how the flowers are 'swimming' in the background so I decided to omit the stalks because that would draw your eye away from them ...I think anyway, do you think I should add the stalks?
Btw, isn't the fabric just divine!
Part 6 was in a previous update.
Part 7 is cute, I think they look like the tops of fence posts!

Ugh, part 8. I know some people love the Flying Geese but geesh, my geese are all over the place. If, at the end, I'm still not happy with them & have time I will remake but these will do until then.

Part 9 is this half Dresden flower which I think is kinda cute and yes, it's wonky but I'm not going to straighten the edges until the very end.

Part 10 are these pentagons which I finished last night. 
I think, from memory, there are 13 or 14 parts released so far so I'm only a few weeks behind.

Also, to make my life easier, I bought this.....
and gosh, why didn't anyone ever tell me about how much easier life would be with a quarter inch foot before! ...my seams are now straight & even, which would have been really helpful for those flying geese!


  1. Lovely blocks and I would have to you if you would have asked!


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