16 November, 2015

Taa daa: a very pretty jumper

Ever had the feeling of utter satisfaction when making something? Well I did, for the very first time making this!

Firstly, the yarn that I used was totally lovely & I'll be stocking up on more of it.

 Secondly, it knit up quickly.
Thirdly, it was knit from the bottom up in one piece.
Fourthly, the fans (the front panel) looks hard but hey, it wasn't!

I'm happy with it, it's been made a size larger ready for next winter (June 2016) and I think I'll be knitting quite a few for Laney over the years.
Pattern is from this gorgeous knitting book, it comes in baby, child & adult sizes.


  1. That is so adorable - both the top and the little model.

  2. Gorgeous! You're so diverse in your crafty skillz 😍

    1. I haven't mastered the art of scrapbooking yet ..maybe one day!


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