03 November, 2015

An EPP adventure. | English Paper Piecing, Applique, Quilt

I thought I'd document the journey that I'm currently undertaking with the mystery English Paper Piecing quilt-along that I've joined. I'm learning many new things, such as the above ..my wonky version of the applecore paper piecing - did I like it, did I enjoy it?

Well, the short answer is no, I didn't enjoy making/sewing the applecore pieces. It was fiddly, I had to get a fancy glue to make it -- mind you, the glue is totally awesome & I'm glad I bought it as I've now used it with the rest of the pieces as it is a good 'baster' (is baster a word?). I like to sew to relax and the shape & way you have to stitch them, to me, isn't relaxing. Have you ever stitched applecore pieces?

So, would you like to see what I have made so far? Remember it's a mystery quilt, so I don't know what I'm making in advance until I'm emailed the pattern block - it's emailed twice a week, so I'm falling behind but I'm ok with that! 
Part 1, using my favourite hexagon shape.
 Part 2, once more using hexagons.
Part 3, was two different pieces - applique flowers then the triangles. I needed the sewing machine for the triangles, so this is when I started to fall behind as I don't/can't use my sewing machine at night.
 Part 4, applecores. I dreaded doing these and for good reason -- they were hard to do BUT I'm glad I've done it as now I actually can say (from experience) that I don't like them!  By the way, this is what they look like when they have been pressed/ironed rather than the bumpy/uneven piece that was in the very first photo.
 Part 5 are pentagons & hexagons appliqued as flowers, I haven't finished this part yet.
 Part 6 are circles appliqued on hexagons, I like the look of these ones.

Parts 7, 8 & 9 (which was released yesterday) I haven't started yet but I'm going to try to finish part 5 today and make a start on them or at least cut the material out.

So... what do you think? Do they look ok?  I think I chose well with the fabric, I really like the retro colours & designs.


  1. I really love the colors & think your cores look great. Love the flowers too. Im making a kids landscape quilt basically with applique. I want to try paper piecing the applique without turning it into a "block". I don't want to use fusible webbing either. My guess is to keep the edges raw. Any advice?

    1. Keep trying & don't be afraid to unpick & start over if you don't like it but sew, experiment and enjoy the process!


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