26 October, 2015

A mystery or two...

I've decided to add to my ever-growing pile of things to do and have signed up for two mystery projects.  Have you ever done a 'mystery-along' before?

First off, I signed up for & have already started a mystery english paper piecing quilt. Ugh. All the fiddly cutting out, ironing and glue...then my 2yo daughter runs off with my fancy schmancy gluestick so I have to order another one and then I get intimidated by the applecores so they get popped aside while I play with the other shapes. The fabric I'm using is so pretty, I hope that I bought too much so I will have heaps of scraps to play with at the end of the project!
I then spot that the super fab knitting designer, Stephen West, has a mystery knit-along coming up in November and I just happen to know that I have some skeins of colourful fingering weight yarn in my stash cupboard plus the fact that I've always wanted to knit one of his shawls..... so I go & sign myself for that as well.
...then I decide that I don't really like the yellow yarn, I really wish I had this super lovely speckle yarn but I don't,  so I leach some of the colour from it & add some blue & red ...hmmmmm, time will tell if I am happy with it (it's still drying).

So.. what are you doing? Are you doing too much like me? I wish I could find time to tackle current projects before starting new ones.

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