12 October, 2015

Stitchy pants

I've been busy pressing the foot down on my sewing machine and whipping up clothes for my kiddies. Yeah, I know ... I shocked myself with that too!

I didn't follow a pattern, I just cut around the 'shop bought' stuff and stitched it up. Pretty simple really and guess what ... they LOVE them!
I couldn't grab a piccie of them wearing the shorts as they love them so much that I can't stop them to stand still long enough to grab a photo!


Joe picked out his dinosaurs & Batman material then he chose the Frozen fabric for his sister (what a sweetie).
Can anyone recommend any sewing books that have a variety of things from pouches/bags to clothes AND have patterns too?  I have been searching for some but keep getting distracted by cute books like this one but I don't just want one type of thing in a book (like toys),  I want a variety of projects with patterns (to make life easier for me). Any suggestions?

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