09 October, 2015


What the heck is Mumfrey? 
Ahh, Mumfrey is bliss.
Mumfrey is when the kids go off to the in-laws with their Daddy and leave Mum in peace for a couple of days.
Mumfrey is heaven on earth.
Mumfrey is sleeping in.
Mumfrey is hot cups of tea in the world's best mug (above photo), isn't it ace - the chap is knitting!
Mumfrey is laying out fabric on the floor and cutting it with no-one interrupting you.
Mumfrey is leisurely pedicures.
Mumfrey is a new epp qal project using iron on pieces.
Mumfrey is eating ice-cream in the middle of the day without having to share.
Mumfrey is reading a book with no interruptions.
Mumfrey is clicking on this for the fifth time in one day, trying to decide if you should treat yourself for your birthday!

Mumfrey is ...Mum-free.
Mumfrey is comfy.

Mumfrey is then calling your children because you miss their voices.

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