22 May, 2012

A new thing...

I've started another crochet project, I kinda got addicted to stripes whilst making that stripey bag.
So I sat there on the couch & thought to myself, should I crochet another bag... hmm...
Then Bazinger!!!!!!!!
Brain wave....  I'll crochet bubba a vest and I'll use no pattern, instead I'll try to use one of his 'shop bought' vests as a template.
So I've been sticking my hand into my yarn stash & coming out with different coloured yarns, what I'm beginning to notice is that I don't have any solid blue or green yarns!


  1. You are very adventurous and brave! I don't think I could just "reach and grab"! But it's working out because it looks terrific! Have fun!

  2. The method to your madness is totally working!

  3. I love your colours so far and admire your crochet bravery I'm way to scared to come up with things on my own. Your little boy is going to be nice and cosy wearing this:)


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