30 January, 2014

On the go...

I'm still knitting this cute little dress for baby Laney - the wool is turning out to be very pretty don't you think!

Thought I'd also share a purchase I made just for me! Yep, after years of thinking about it, I decided to splurge & buy myself some interchangeable knitting needles. I am so glad I did, not only are they pretty, they have a nice 'grip' to the needles that holds the yarn nicely without being too smooth or rough. I'm also currently using the extra circular wires & end tabs as a stitch holder (for one side of the bodice) - totally fab - why didn't I get one sooner!
If you want to get one too, you can get a similar set from here!

Do you have a similar set of circular knitting needles too - did you buy them yourself or were they gifted (lucky you!).  AND have you seen the interchangeable crochet hooks - I don't understand them, why would they need to be interchangeable???

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  1. I have a set of interchangeable needles from Knit Picks. My mom gifted them to me for Christmas 2012. I love them and aside from the rare occasion I will pull out some DPNs they are all I use for knitting!

    As for interchangeable crochet hooks... I've read they are mostly used for Tunisian!


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