11 January, 2014

Bird-poop Bunting!

Social media is a wonderful thing, especially if you are a crafter - if you want an opinion asap, just post a piccie & ask a question then voila, instant feedback!
This was the case when I was playing with some new yarn recently, I wasn't happy with what I was making, I wanted to undo it & try something new - so I took a piccie & uploaded it to Instagram & Twitter and had instant feedback & was encouraged to try something else.... but one person was inspiring, made me laugh, so wanted to experiment again & make something for her. So I did and here it is, my Bird-Poop Granny Bunting!

I also wanted to make bunting, had always wanted to make bunting - so I sat down & played with my hook until I made bunting and guess what, making bunting is easier than what I thought it would be!  So, stay posted, I will post a pattern for bunting soon.
I plan on making some more bunting in normal DK/8ply yarn too.
By the way, the piccie below is the original - "what do you think" - photo that I originally posted to Instagram.
By the way, I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry, Facebook & Flickr as CraftyRie if you ever want to chat to me other there!
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