24 February, 2014

Recipe: 5 minute Bread

I bake bread.
No, I'm not a super organised person, nor do I have a big fancy kitchen or any fancy gadgets and I'm certainly no super-mum but I still find the 5 minutes each day to bake bread.

Yep, that's right, I said... 5 minutes.
How can I bake a fantastic loaf of bread with approx. 5 minutes preparation? ... see below for the super-duper easy recipe.

Firstly, the few tips to make bread making easier:
~ the dough can either be mixed & put in a warm spot and it's ready in about 1 hour OR mixed and left overnight. If leaving overnight, I pop it uncovered into the cold oven & shut the door (you could also put it in the fridge). If leaving for an hour (or two), I cover in plastic wrap & place in a warm spot in the sunshine or near the heater
~ no fancy equipment is needed, just use a big bowl, tablespoon, teaspoon water jug & kitchen scales
~ you can skip the salt in this recipe but trust me, the small amount used increases the flavour tastiness (!!) of the bread
~ this will make one loaf of bread or 8 smallish bread rolls or 4 pizza bases, the recipe can easily be double or tripled
~ for bread for sandwiches, I just oil a loaf tin,
~ for artisan bread, bread rolls or pizza bases, I oil a tray
~ I just use ordinary plain flour for this, not fancy bread flour, just the same flour that I use in cakes & biscuits
~ powdered yeast can be stored in the freezer, I keep the (yeast) container in the freezer all the time
~ I often substitute the water for vegetable juice, I have made beetroot bread, spinach bread, carrot bread - all totally yummy & just last night we had carrot/spinach pizza dough!
5 minute Bread   (also makes bread rolls, fancy artisan bread & pizza bases)
500gm plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon yeast
475ml lukewarm water

~Mix all together in a big bowl & put aside to rise. 
~ When ready to bake, the dough will have risen & look 'wet'.  Just use a scraper to scrape the dough from the sides of the bowl and scrape it into the prepared tin/tray. Remember, you DO NOT need to knead this bread - trust me on this!
~ I then pop it into the oven, turn the oven onto 200 degrees Celsius and leave for 45 mins.
~ leave to cool & munch for lunch or dinner or breakfast!

Told you it was easy!
Now, go on, bake yourself, your family & friends some bread!

Remember to show me your 'loaf'!  
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This bright purple bread is Beetroot Bread!