19 November, 2013

On the go - a confession

I'm about to admit to a little bit of a weird habit that I have, I hope I'm not alone in the world out there but anyway, deep breath, here goes.....
I love to start new projects. Wait, let me start that again, I LOVE to start new projects before finishing other things!
You see, I always want to be prepared, I just HAVE to be prepared - I mean, what if I want to crochet at midnight but don't want to concentrate on a pattern or what if I want to knit in the car or what if I want a challenge myself - I need to be prepared for all of these scenarios.

So here is what I have 'on the go' at the moment!
Crochet - without conscious thought
Crochet - with a little concentration (have to refer back to the pattern from time to time)
Crochet - following a pattern, so I'd better pay attention
Knitting - without conscious thought, perfect for car travel
Knitting - with a little concentration (have to refer back to the pattern from time to time)
Knitting - following a pattern, so put the baby down & read the pattern properly Rie!
The 'why did I ever think that I could attempt this thing being so tired from having a baby in the house' project.

So, now honestly tell me - do you do this? Do you have something similar going on?  Are you going to admit this to the rest of the world & pop up a confession on your blog? (if you do, remember to leave a link to it in the comments so I can go check it out too).

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