07 November, 2013

An itty bitty hat

You know I had a baby right? An itty bitty baby right?
Well, that baby was too small for regular size newborn hats so I had to make one for her dinky lil head.
Using no pattern (of course), I set out to crochet a disc that was the same size as her head...
Then I crocheted the 'walls' of the hat and voila.....
an itty bitty hat for an itty bitty baby!

I wrote the instructions for this, so when I find where I put them, I'll type it up & pop the pattern up for you - just in case you need an itty bitty hat too!


  1. Oh my Rie she is tiny tiny. Precious wee thing!

  2. Oh, wow! An itty, bitty one. Hope you're all doing well. Love that you can custom make a little hat with crochet, it comes together so quickly.

  3. Oh, an itty bitty baby! I have one kicking around in my belly. Such fun. I love how quickly a little crochet hat can come together. I haven't used patterns for them either.

    I'm popping by via the made by hand link up :-)

  4. What an adorable teeny tiny baby you have ... congratulations!! Such a lucky baby to have a pretty little hat made for her with love ;) Wendy

  5. Soooo beautiful! What a cutie :) Loving the itty bitty hat too. Kx

  6. Lovely hat on a beautiful girl!


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