23 October, 2013

Cups & things

Here's a project for the kids or the grandparents or for you on a rainy day. In our case it was a present from bubba Joe to his Dadda (instead of yet another tshirt & socks combo!).
Firstly, go to the store & buy some nice white, undecorated ceramic crockery, we chose a couple of cups & a large-ish milk jug. Choose the colours of the ceramic pens, Joe chose orange & blue (see below where to purchase the pens). Then decorate, or scribble or trace something fancy - this bit is totally up to you. I would suggest though, not to paint on the actual 'food surface' of the items, ie not inside the cups as frequent washing will eventually wipe off the artwork.

After allowing the paint to dry (a couple of hours), we then tossed it into the oven (ie placed very carefully so not to break), turned the oven onto 180degrees & left it for 30minutes, turning the oven off and allowing it to cool down overnight.

Remove from oven & voila, a very groovy & individual piece of artwork. Perfect for birthdays, Fathers Day & school holidays!
And yep, of course, I've already gone & broken the blue one! And oh, bubba Joe tells me that the drawing in orange is actually a tiger, I can see it (hmmm...), can you?

So, do you want to do this too? It's fun (I promise) but if you are wondering where to get the pens from, then click here to buy the online - trust me on this, they are hard to find in the local stores! (I went to seven, yes seven, stores until I found them, wish I'd thought to look online!)


  1. This is such a fabulous idea.

    Thanks for the online link... much better than trekking all over town searching. That does my head in big time!!!

  2. i love this project! so much fun fur kids x


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