03 January, 2017

My very first quilt

Here it is, a big moment for me ... my very first full size quilt!  Oh yeah, I'm super proud of myself and you just have to check it out ...but don't go looking for perfection though!!

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Firstly, (it may obvious to you) I didn't use a pattern. I had fully on planned using a pattern, honest!  I was originally going to make a log cabin quilt, I bought (a very expensive) die cutter to cut the shapes needed but I just couldn't get it fit easily with the fat quarters that I bought. So I quickly abandoned that idea and fiddled around to come up with some shapes that I was happy with. I ended up using this die cutter and a purchased Layer Cake to make the ..ahh.. shape in the quilt.  The shape to me either looks a bit like an anvil or K-9 from Dr Who!!

The fabric cost me a pretty penny too but it was totally worth it, I loved the screen-printed feel of the fabric and the colours are totally my Mum's style. I even bought some extra in a light turquoise for the binding and some yellow to give it a little pop of colour at the corners.

And yes, I mentioned my Mum ..I made this quilt for her and her partner.  She was telling me recently that they upsized their bed but she was still using the smaller blankets from the last bed that she bought whilst living in Germany over 50 years ago!  So that gave me the inspiration on what to make them for Christmas!  

Now I didn't get it finished for Christmas as I knew we weren't seeing her until January, so I didn't rush to finish it. I had finished the top, purchased the backing fabric and sent it off to be quilted. I was thinking that I'd do the quilting myself as I'd never done it before but I also realised that it wasn't a realistic expectation to have because I know I wouldn't have gotten it done in the timeframe needed!  So yes, I sent it off to be quilted and I'm so glad I did because it was so easy and returned to me within a week via post -- totally quicker than anything I could have achieved at home on my kitchen table!

So now it's done, my very first full-sized quilt.  My Mum has seen it and I think she was a little 'awed' by it and I can't to see it on her bed!    
..and whilst I have your attention, you must tell me how one gets a full size shot of a quilt because it's not something that I was able to do!