31 December, 2016

Shruggy show off and some tips to make it.

I've just sewn in the ends for this shrug, my last finish for 2016.   A shrug for my Laney ...but she refuses to model it, not that I blame her as it is summer here!
I'm also adding a couple of tips on how to make this shrug as I found the pattern to be slightly confusing and wanted to help out others with these two handy tips.

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Tip 1:
When you are working the collar after the increases and the pattern states to " place markers on central 7 stitches of the right front raglan section" .. and you scratch you head repeatedly for 10 minutes trying to figure it out as the designer does not include a diagram to indicate what she means ... 
If you look at the photo above, I have an arrow pointing to some stitches on the very top of the sleeve/shoulder ..it's means these 7 stitches.
ip 2:
When reading the pattern for the sleeve and you're confused about the 'pick up stitches' after you have slipped the stitches onto your needles, it means at the very bottom of the sleeve (armpit region) .. pick those stitches up.

Hope this helps!  .. I know it would have helped me when I was knitting this!

Did you notice the cute-as-pie button that kinda looks like a brooch?  I got it from here and they have some cute cat ones too.

I'm actually thinking of making Laney a few more as shrugs are great for little kids and the tab should stop it from falling off her shoulders like her other ones.  I have another ball of this yarn in a different shade, I'm also thinking it would look super awesome in these but I just can't decide upon a colourway!

If you want to make this cute shrug, the pattern is this one. I'm now trying to figure out what to knit next maybe I'll try and tackle this one.

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