13 December, 2016

Making a Makers Case

"Can I borrow your special textas Mumma" and "can I colour in your special colouring book Mumma" is something that I hear weekly from Joe.

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Don't get me wrong, he has his own textas. They are the thick chunky type that his little sister normally loves colouring on the wall with (yes, ugh). He likes to borrow my textas as they have fine nibs and then he always likes to colour in my colouring book too. With his birthday fast approaching, I decided to sew him up his own case and fill it with textas and all sorts of creativity stuff for him.

The pattern that I chose to sew up was the Makers Case, using some cute burger fabric but then as I sat down to sew it, I discovered that it needed a 36" zip -- that's huge and I didn't have any!  So the sewing was delayed whilst I awaited delivery of a hastily ordered zip! The sewing of those little loops took over an hour - seriously, if you ever make this case then add extra time for that because it's a truly fiddly task.
His birthday is on the 15th, so I'm hoping to make something else for him. I've purchased a couple of patterns, ready to make them: an alien in his spaceship, the owl & the pussycat, Ellie Elephant and if I can, I'll also try to make this bear but I don't hold out much hope to due time constraints! 
stuffed with goodies, ready for gifting!


  1. That fabric is fantastic! Love it

  2. What a great present! So well thought out. I am sure he will love it :)
    And Happy Birthday wishes for tomorrow :)


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