19 January, 2017

Rabbit in a hat

My sweet lil 3 year old Laney loves magic, in fact she can't actually say magic so I'm forever hearing her say "maggot, maggot... taa daa" .. so I had to make her something special for her magic tricks.

So with some fiddling, some swearing and a lot of seam ripping, may I introduce you to the rabbit in a hat!

He starts out as nothing but a hat then 'maggot maggot'.. suddenly a rabbit appears!

You can make one for yourself too, the pattern is here.  It's not the worlds best pattern, it could have done with some more instructions and diagrams instead of crappy photos but I like the end result... and so do the kids!


  1. Omg what a awesome toy! I want one Laney! Rie seriously I need a maggot! Love you lovely Laney

    1. "maggot, maggot ..you're a frog Mumma" she says to me...all the time!


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