30 April, 2012

Let sleeping babies sleep...

I've been having a tough time lately - nothing too drastic, but in my little world, it's been tough for me.
You see, bubba hasn't been napping. I've tried every trick in the book, I've even tossed him into the pram & pushed the ruddy thing for two hours and the little bugger still wouldn't sleep.  So I gave up. Yep, hate to admit this but I did.  BUT, in doing so, I was actually able to see something, I saw that things aren't that bad. Sure I don't get 2 hours to myself every lunch now but hey, he sleeps from 7pm to 7am every day plus on Sundays (for some reason) he sleeps in until 9am!  How can I complain about that!  
My solution is now to lay him on the sofa with Lionel his soft toy (made by his Nanna), I gently blow on his hair, this distracts him enough to settle down. I can then sit on the couch beside him  (cos he won't let me walk away). He may not sleep for 2hours anymore but I'll settle for 40mins of nap!  In these 40 minutes he gives me each day, I sit there & knit or crochet or even read - ahh, reading (yay!).
And let's face it, if he was tucked away in his cot, I'd miss taking photo's like the one above - how cute is that!!
I may miss my long 2 hour lunch breaks with equaled 'me' time but maybe in the future, it's something I can look forward to again.

Question:  Do you give yourself a lunch break if you mum all day at home or work from home? I mean a proper break with a lunch & a book etc?

Oh, by the way, the crochet behind his head wasn't done by me, it was crocheted by my hubby's Grandmother whilst she was in Aged Care, we have one on either side of our couch.


  1. No advice, but that's a very cute picture!

  2. Oh I do remember that feeling when mine stopped sleeping during the day... the injustice of it! :) It's funny really - I found with all the 'stages' of childhood that my girls have gone through - I never realised the last bit was a stage until I'd moved on to the next one ;) Glad you're seeing the bright side. Kx

  3. Yes, they find their own routines, I've discovered that too. Cohen wakes up at 7am, has a nap at mid day for two to three hours, then stays up until 8.30 at night. We were constantly advised to get him to go to bed earlier by family and friends. So we would keep him up from his nap, put him down early, give him dinner earlier etc. But it didn't work. We would just end up with a cranky boy who would go straight back to his usual sleeping patterns. So I thought, why change them? It doesn't bother me. He will give up his nap when he is ready. You can try and fight it or let them go and make the most of it, which is sounds like you are doing beautifully. :)

  4. We just go with the flow here. Routines change all the time and we gave up the idea that we could control things long ago. We just make the best out of what we're dealt with at each phase... somedays better than others!!!
    No lunch break here. When baby O is sleeping though I do tell Ms. M that I'm off for a lie down and so she plays on her own and I nap. Both of the older kids know that I like to nap and generally they're pretty good with it. They think it is funny that I *want* a nap. That's me... the funny old lady!!!

  5. What is this lunch break thing of which you speak. I believe I heard tell of them many many moons ago, but I assumed they were part of that ancient time known as "before..."

  6. I know exactly how your little tot feels. I remember trying to learn how to sleep with your eyes open as a kid. I was so sleepy, but I couldn't bear the thought of missing a fun moment! It's always great to have an hour or two to yourself every day. I love my family and friends, but I find myself craving for "me time" every once in a while.


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