05 April, 2012

Lesson learnt...

Ok, quick update on a lesson I just learnt... of course I learnt it the hard way (as per usual).
When knitting socks, actually do as the pattern states and use 3, yes three, needles. Don't go all fancy schmancy and try to use a circular needle.
Well, unless you have legs the thickness of a fully grown tree trunk the circulars will be too big, you need the 3 needles to actually spread the knitting around to create the size of the sock/leg.
Ok. Lesson learnt, now onto find my set of 3 knitting needles.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I'm actually using 8ply yarn, there was NO WAY on earth that I would ever attempt to knit a pair of socks using sock yarn, the yarn is just way too thin for me & I would never have ever finished them.  ..  Well saying that, I haven't even done one row on the socks yet cos I'm already distracted by writing this blog post!!