27 April, 2012

A progress update...

On the sticks...
On the hook...
Slowly does it, stitch by stitch, bit by bit, day by day.


  1. Oh, I love your bag...and the colours....maybe I should swap for a hook sometime....Alex

  2. The sock is looking great for a first one, and I love the bag!

  3. I love what you done with the hook Marie. Is that a bag? I think those colours are in this year for sure.

    What ply are you using? I got some 8 ply from here: http://www.alacraft.com.au/yarns-and-knitting-cat5 is that the same ply you used in the multi coloured design? I'm a bit of a newbie to knitting and crochet and such. Sorry for the many questions!

    Sally Anne Peters

  4. It's all 8ply, every row is a different colour - my scraps from old projects that I've collected over the years.


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