16 March, 2012

Crafty Mumma group

I've been sitting here in my new house, in my new suburb, in my new state thinking... I wonder if there are other crafty mums (of babies & toddlers) that want to get together & chat & craft - wouldn't it be a great way to meet other mums & for bubba Joe to meet other babies too.
So, after months of thinking about it, yesterday I sat down at the computer and made a flyer for it... and today, I walked across to the local stores & popped it onto the community board!   
Phew, it's done. Now, I wonder if there is anyone out there in my suburb that is interested!   
Here's the details in case you were wondering......

Are You a
Crafty Mumma
of a baby or toddler?

Would you like to get together with other Crafty Mumma's to craft &
chat over coffee ??
(whilst our kiddies play)

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced crafter, a beginner crafter or just someone that always wanted to craft & hasn't yet – all are welcome. You can scrapbook, sew, knit, crochet, paint, bead, etc etc... all craft types are welcome!

I'd like set aside one day a month, probably Wednesday's from 9am-12pm, so that Crafty Mumma's (with babies & toddlers) can pop by for a cuppa, some crafting & a chat.

What do you think, how does this sound to you??

I've chosen to set aside a full morning (at my house), so that you can pop by anytime during it, even if it's only for 20minutes before an appointment or something. (and yes, babies & toddlers are welcome, I have a 15mth old boy)

Oh, the location?
Don't worry if you don't drive because I'm less than a 2minute walk from the Blackman Bay Shops!!

BTW... if you're a Crafty Dadda, you're welcome too!

Contact me for more info, I hope to see you soon! Don't be shy, be crafty!