21 March, 2012

New Singer.. Oh So Cool...

Today I lashed out and bought myself a magazine, I haven't picked up a mag in nearly a year...  So what a nice treat I thought and then... wow... look at this....
Win a Singer 160 sewing machine! 
How Cool Is That!!!!
And you can win one too, just go here.  But maybe don't go there, cos I entered and I want to win it, so maybe just go there & drool and wish me luck...  :)


  1. Bummer, this is for Australia only. Good luck!

  2. I never seen a sewing machine so beautiful!

  3. Oh my!!! I WANT!

    It's gorgeous, wow. I'm just making friends with my 'new' vintage Bernina, check it out:


    I couldn't bear one of those white plastic modern machines...

    But I might be able to make an exception for that beauty!

  4. My oh my oh my.......i'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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