04 March, 2012

No, I hate the undo!

Nooo, I made a boo-boo, a big boo-boo.... (can you hear my whiney voice...) 
This is the crochet as it looks now, it's going to eventually be a bag, but the points are facing the wrong way. AND, no, I can't just flip it over to have the points facing the other way.. (I've already tried that).  
See the crochet point, well there's a long edge & a short edge leading up to it, the short edge here is attached to the other crochet (blue attached to the grey).
See it better here? In the diagram, the points are facing with the short edges facing out.  That is what it's supposed to look like. 
Anyways, I've now got to undo all four points & re-crochet them the proper way.... I think I'll do this watching a DVD of True Blood or something... I hate undoing stuff!