08 March, 2012


I've re-discovered Sago.  
I remember it when I was growing up and found it in the supermarket the other day.  It's yummo!  I've mixed (frozen) raspberries into the last minutes of cooking, I've also discovered it's a great way to use up the last remnants of jam in the jam jar too, great flavours!  
And bubba loves it!!  Did you grow up eating Sago too??


  1. here in south brasil, sagu is very very commom, we make it with wine and it witn vanilla cream. it's wonderful, as ambrosia, canjica with milk...

  2. Is it tapioca? If so love it! If not, what is it...? :p

  3. It is very common in India. We make desserts using it.

  4. Is is tapioca? Never thought to put it in jam. Yummy!


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