30 March, 2012

At the mo...

At the moment, my life is a little upside down and I'm really, really tired.
You see, bubba Joe had a virus, a bad icky vomity, pooey, sleepless virus.  Consequently, he wanted his Mumma lots & lots.  He is well now, but he still wants his Mumma lots & lots, he wants to follow me around the house, be carried everywhere, sit at my feet, supervise my toilet visits etc etc... which is all ok, but he won't sleep without me. 

So here he is, asleep on the couch next to me for his midday nap.  I can't 'pressure' him into sleeping in his cot at the moment I'm just too tired for that, so this week, he's been napping on the couch next too me whilst I read a book or do some crochet.    As of this weekend though, things will change......  (I hope, fingers crossed anyway!)
Oh and for extra added fun, Dadda got the virus too... (so I had too sick babies!!!)


  1. Ahh, poor wee one, but poor mummy too. Hope everything's back to normal for you all soon and you don't catch it too!

  2. he certainly looks peaceful. I completeley understand the too tired to put up a fight. Arthur goes to sleep in his own bed but wakes at night and then will never settle properly unless I sleep with him. So I actually get sleep I put him in bed with me, I know that one day he will change, but for now it woeks for us. ( he will be three soon!)

  3. I had this virus yesterday, after catching it from both The Man and Boy Child. I've spent the past 36 hours either in bed or in the loo. Ugh. Hope your wee one feels much better soon!

  4. Oh no, I really feel for you. My Little J( soon to be 5) still wakes at night and I usually end up in his bed. In fact, I have even thought of putting a double in his room!

  5. Poor you! Be strong, be brave and if you can't do it, don't beat yourself up. They are tiny for such a short time it really doesn't matter. But the tiredness, oh god the tiredness! So glad we are starting to come out the otherside. Our last baby is 4 now.

  6. If he needs to be near you then so be it. He is having his sleep so that is good and you love to crochet so you can do that sitting next to him while he sleeps too.


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