23 March, 2012


I've been thinking a lot about stuff lately. Weird stuff. Good stuff. Stupid stuff. Stuff stuff.
Here are some of the conclusions that I've come to...

Corn packaging
Did you know that some 'plastic' containers are made from corn and are completely bio-degradable.  Why don't they make them all like that?  The product I'm talking about is Organic Care's 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo & Bodywash, I like it, it's designed for the ultimate quick shower with 1 product doing 3 things, brilliant huh!

Now, I'm NOT a big advocate in the Government putting fluoride into our drinking water and then it's also in our toothpaste.. but there's a toothpaste that I discovered that doesn't have Fluoride in it AND it's not just mint flavoured, in fact it's pineapple flavoured...  why is 99% of toothpaste mint flavoured?? Oh & the brand is Snappy Jaws.

Having just bought a house and we are now moved in, we are thinking about renovating. But wait, no we're not, we're actually thinking of NOT renovating because we can put up with the pink tinted and the yellow tinted paint and the dark brown trims - the paint is perfectly ok, so what if the colour is a little dated, it's fine for now.   

Hair dye
I was thinking of not dying my hair anymore... then I looked in the mirror and saw all the greys poking out & thought stuff it, I'm still going to dye it  Why should I look old when I don't feel old! And no, I'm not going for Henna, I like the quick, easy dye where it's done in 15mins!

Two people called me crazy for using cloth nappies.  Huh.  I think they're crazy for thinking & saying that.  It wasn't very nice of them. It made me start to wonder what was wrong with me for using cloth.  But ok, in the end I thought stuff it, my baby, my washing load, cloth nappies for me.  BTW, we use disposables at night & for day trips.  Here's the cloth nappies that I use...  

    Magic-Alls Multi Fits- VERSION 2BBH Bamboo Fitted
I've decided that at gift-giving time, all presents to adults will be hand-made (where possible) and preferably consumable so that 'gift' that I made doesn't get tossed into a cupboard & sit unwanted - it can get eaten and then be-gone!

I like craft.  I wish I had time to do more craft but I haven't even found the time to unpack all the moving boxes or do the washing up.  I craft in my head... it doesn't always extend down to my hands but even if I'm not making craft, I'm thinking craft!

I don't drive, I walk. I push a pram up hills, down hills and over bumpy paths.  I don't drive by choice and if you don't like it.... I don't care.  I have, over the last 20yrs, been called various names because I don't drive but hey, I DON'T CARE!!

Bubba Joe has been sick the last couple of days.  Yesterday I was at the end of my tether, I didn't know what to do to stop him from crying & to make him feel better. So I took him to the doctor, who told me that bubba has a viral infection and just give him paracetamol (& told me some ways to administer this) and to strip bubba off down to his singlet to ease his fever. I paid $60 for 5 minutes but I'm glad I did, I learnt stuff and I'm grateful.   (BTW, my doctor is the spitting image of Vladmir Putin!!)
And whilst speaking of babies, let's just get these Q&A out of the way right now.
~ Yes, he is my only child (people ask me how many kids I've got & when they find out it's only 1, they all pretty much just shrug & walk off to talk to another mother... frustrating)

~ I'll be planning on having more kids, when I plan it.  In my eyes, bubba Joe is still a bubba and I've got some time for him to grow up before thinking about any more.
~ When am I going back to work??  Are you freaking kidding me?????  That is MY business and what am I not doing a good job in my current role as a mother.. screw you & don't ask me that again especially seeing as how strangers are normally the ones asking me this!

On the upside of things, if you are still reading this post to THIS point, you are in fact awesome & I adore you, now stop reading & off you go and do some craft!    

Oh and before I go, let me tell you something that just happened to me, I'm standing at the sink doing the washing up, trying to shake something off my leg. I thought I was trying to shake a piece of cotton off but I look down and it was a RUDDY BIG HUGE HUNTSMAN SPIDER ON MY BARE LEG AND I'M WEARING A FKING SKIRT... yes, it was a RUDDY BIG HUGE HUNTSMAN ON ME... eek....... it bigger than my palm.  I shook it off and before I could remember to squish the darn thing, it's run under the fridge but now I have icky creepy feelings all over me.....  I just emailed my hubby to tell him, no sympathy was received in return, so I told him if he doesn't bring me home flowers & a pressie & a dinner tonight, we're getting a divorce!

What have you been thinking about?


  1. Methinks you've had a run of strangers sticking their noses into your business! You have a great attitude though. My husband is a big fan of that saying, "Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody has one." Stay true to what works for you!

  2. Now I've got those damn icky shivers you get when you see a spider! Haha. My sister actually called me yesterday to come kill a spider for her, I just laughed at her!

    I thought about not dying my hair too but then really looked at it and there's the greys popping up. I don't like a quick dye job anymore though, I went to a salon a few months ago and enjoyed the talk and gossip mags so much that I'm doing that from now on!

    Go you for the cloth diapers! Always wanted to try it out but never did and will never have a chance to now. I agree with Mrs. D, too many people seem to be rudely butting their noses in, screw them!

    As for craft, I've decided the opposite for me actually, people I know seem to never use anything I make them so I'm just not doing the making for them anymore.

    Yeesh, sorry for the LONG comment!

  3. Oh I really don't like it when people ask me when I am going back to work either.

  4. Ha ha! I had to laugh, I've been asked all those questions too. Yes, thank you very much, I have a job - long hours, minimum pay but highly rewarding - I wouldn't trade that for the world. :)

  5. Just a comment about fluoride - a whole generation have caries free teeth (including my two kids) because of the benefits of fluoride in drinking water. It occurs naturally and has no adverse effects. More info here

    My husband is a dentist Rie and I value his advice on the subject and years of experience. You do not want to know about kids with decayed teeth because they have not had the benefits of fluoride...

    Just to let you know that I don't drive either - never have!

    Hope little Joe is feeling better now.

  6. Great post!

    You go girl

    but I have to be honest it did give me a giggle.

    It looks like you get lots of questions and opinion on your blog - so far I have been lucky...


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