02 March, 2012

Itching to move my fingers!

Ok, let's just start this blog post with a Yay for Crochet!
Yay, I've finally started to crochet again!  
Yep, there wasn't any time too craft, not with the move & new house & a baby that's not a baby anymore but is now a toddler... yep, bubba Joe is walking!   So with all that going on, I didn't have time to crochet, at night, after bubba was put to bed, I'd just collapse on the couch.  
But now, I still collapse on the couch but have a remnant of energy left to crochet!
So yay for me!
What have you been up too?  .. by the way, as I type this, I know it's the 2nd day of Autumn, but my fingers are freezing and I'm going to have to wrap them around a nice hot cuppa tea to warm them up again!!


  1. yayy. What is it your working on?

  2. I'm making a bag.
    Arghh, LadyBugg, you don't have an email address attached to your profile..... I just noticed your profile name, is your surname Bugg? My bubba & hubby's name are Bugg! Wait a sec, I just looked at your profile, you're from North West Tassie?? So is my hubby!!! How weird is that!!


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