27 May, 2016

The Great Debate: pompoms

Forget the upcoming Federal election, the debate in our house at the moment is .. can a pompom be too big?
You see, Joe wanted to make his Prep teacher a hat so she would be warm on these super cold days. He chose the pattern, he even dyed this wool. He sat on my lap and knitted some stitches every day and he pretty much made these pompoms BUT..... when we were trying to decide which pompom to sew onto the hat, his Dad comes along and tells us that they are too big.
Huh? Too big?  Joe & I just look at each other and shrugged, we never thought that a pompom could be too big!  Doubt overtook us, and we took the middle pompom outside and trimmed it down.
So now tell us.... can a pompom ever be too big??!!

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