30 April, 2016

Weekend fun

I feel creativity coming on for this weekend, maybe it's because I'm sitting in a sun-dappled chair listening to my children laugh as they play with their Dad!

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I'm catching up on some rows on my baby blanket but have totally broken my rule of crocheting in the ends as I go as it doesn't really suit this pattern.
I'm going to have lots of yarn left over, which is a good thing as I totally love the yarn and will have fun playing with the scraps.

I've also been sewing some bags, I'm trying to like the pattern as it cost so much but geesh, if you have to fully re-write a pattern so you understand it then it's a bit ridiculous, isn't it?
I love seeing my kids in hand-made clothing, it just feels my heart with love.
Laney's bonnet comes from here and she adores it & actually has the same in pink.
The skirt was from here, I got it super cheap as she is shutting her shop down.
The stripey top is brand new, I actually paid someone to knit for me and she did such a wonderful job that I'm going to ask her to make me some more things,
Joe's vest is one that I knitted and I'm planning on knitting Laney one too but in orangey stripes instead of green stripes.  I've also got a pattern for a bucket hat (it's free), much like the one he is wearing so I guess I should really give it a go and make him one!
We just got back from a lovely trip to visit the Peter Rabbit Gardens, the kids really loved it! I didn't realise later after looking at the photo's that Joe is almost camouflaged!

One Thimble Issue 10 available now!
I'm also having some fun reading my new e-mag.  I decided to splurge and bought a copy of the latest One Thimble magazine. Have you read it? 
Adventure Case Stand Alone Cover
The reason what prompted the purchase was this super fab pattern of the Adventure Case and this Willow Dress:
Willow Dress Stand Alone Cover
Do you have a favourite crafty magazine? 


  1. Lovely post. My favourite craft mag is Let's Knit as I am a knitter more than anything else. I do feel a sense of achievement when hand made makes are worn. Xxx

    1. I go through stages of buying knitting magazines, especially if you see a 'must make' type of pattern on the cover!

  2. Anonymous01 May, 2016

    Lovely pics, love the colours on the blanket, so cheery :)

    1. it's like having a rainbow on my lap!

  3. The blanket is lovely. I am enjoying your blog very much. It has such a positive vibe:).


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