04 April, 2016

Makey, makey on a Monday

I feel like we've been chatting lots lately but then I realised that only I could hear the voice in my head that was planning the blog posts ..oops! 

I have to ask, do you like the look of the bag I'm making? 
I'm almost finished it BUT geesh, how can I say that I think I chose the wrong fabrics?   Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the magpies but I think they would have been better peeking out from the inside of the bag not shouting hello on the exterior. 
Anyway, I shall keep bustling along and finish it as I suddenly decided that I must make someone a different bag for a birthday gift...and the birthday is next week!   I'll tell you all about the fabric, pattern etc when the bag is finished.

Remember to tell me if you are liking the bag and also, what are you currently making?

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