21 April, 2016

Listening to the rain

Today is a lovely day.... which basically means that it's raining outside, the house is warm, the kiddies are happily watching dvds, there is plenty of food, therefore I can relax and craft. Lovely.

So I am happily sipping tea, crocheting, cutting fabric and sneaking in a few pages of my new novel.
Ahh, the serenity!
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Crochet: I'm still happily crocheting this blanket for a friend and gosh I am really loving the yarn.
Sewing: After re-writing the pattern so I can understand it, I've just cut three more to sew up.
Reading: Ok, I'll admit it.. I'm Gideon fan and the postie just delivered the next & last (sob) book in the series.

Is it raining where you are?  Do you cut multiple of patterns at a time or is that just a little weird??


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