30 March, 2016

Dress Challenge

 Ahh, a challenge!  Sew a dress in a new fabric line in a few days (that includes ordering the fabric) --- DONE!

Ok, so I saw this challenge pop up on my computer ...hmm, I thought should I participate in it?  Laney is completely refusing to have her photos taken lately AND I don't have any of that fabric AND I'm already over my head with deadline-approaching crochet projects .... so sure, why not!
                                                             ..back of the dress..                                             this post contains an affiliate link
I jumped onto the computer, ordered some lovely bunny fabric in two shades of blue and had it delivered Express Post so it would give me plenty of time to make it.
Then bammmmmmmmmm....
...I fall sick for an entire week with a virus, I spent the entire time in bed with a killer headache & vomited constantly for four days. There goes my happy sewey plans but then I was suddenly better but too weak to do anything!  Easter came & went. I'm sitting here Tuesday, two days before the competition ends and I still haven't made the dress.
Stuff it.
I grab the last dress pattern that I made (which I swore to never make again), cut out the fabric and sit at the sewing machine again (once again swearing to never make this dress pattern ever again). I throw the pattern instructions on the floor and set about making the dress from the pieces that I had cut out.
...and it looks good!  What do you think, did I nail it? 



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