01 June, 2016

Do you love my new basket?

I'm a little chuffed with myself at the moment because I made this super cute basket!
Have you ever made a basket before? I always thought they'd be hard to make but this one wasn't, in fact....... it was the easiest thing that I've made this year!  
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I made this basket using scraps that I cut with my new toy (see this blog post), I'm so pleased that I bought the cutter as I think I'm going to fly thru my fabric stash now!

The basket was made from this pattern and it was so freakin' easy!  I thought I'd stumble at some point (because I always do) but nope ...simple, easy  and not forgetting that it was fun to make as well!
As soon as I had finished it, Laney grabbed it from me and ran into the back room, apparently it was 'hers' now.
...so as soon as she went down for a nap, I stole my basket back and stuffed it yarn for my next knitty project!

I'm already planning another three of these to pop by the front door to fill up with hats, gloves and re-useable shopping bags.  The pattern also shows you how to make pouches and bags...in fact it shows you how to make a massive bag, which I might make just for the fun of it!  ..check it out here...


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