23 June, 2016

Welcome Mr Jacket Pillow

So, what to do when a favourite jumper of your child becomes too small?  You turn it into a cushion!

Sometimes I can't bear to donate clothing to charity that my kiddies looked adorable in, this jumper below is a prime example.  The jumper was just a cheap buy from Target but gosh, she looked so cute in it, so I thought I'd turn it into a cushion for her using a super old cushion (that I don't like any more).

It was surprisingly easy to turn it into a cushion, I didn't put a zipper on it, I just sewed the cushion insert right into it.  The old zippered cushion cover has since been washed and given to the kids to store their toys in, a total win/win situation.
Both the kiddies love the new cushion, I had to bribe each of them to stand still long enough to take some photos. 

Laney has since named the cushion "Mr Jacket Pillow" when she realised (& finally understood) that it used to be her jumper.  She sleeps with it every night, using it as her pillow.

This project is also the first step in my (hopefully) lifelong goal of #ownyourtrash - where it will be mine aim to generate less trash, to reuse, reduce & recycle where possible.  I hope that you will join me in this journey and stay tuned for more blog posts on ideas to create less trash in our world.