14 June, 2016

Bunny slippers, I'm in love!

I have to share my latest finished project with you, these adorable bunny slippers!

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Aren't they just the cutest things ever!  

I recycled the fabric from this outfit that Laney has outgrown, check it out .. from a bunny rabbit costume to bunny rabbit slippers!  I have heaps of fabric left, so I might be making a few more pairs of these slippers.
The slippers are for a friend who just had a baby, it certainly beats knitting or crocheting baby booties (& way cuter too).
I used some super fab slipper grip fabric, I didn't really need to use them on this size of slipper but I wanted to try the grip fabric out to see how it works and yes, it works out really well!

The pattern?  Well, it's a super cute bunny slipper pattern from here but if you really like lots of patterns to inspire you, then I got mine through this e-mag.

It was my first time recycling or should I say upcycling clothing to make something else and I have to admit that it is rather fun cutting up clothing!  Have you ever done this sort of thing before, used old clothing to make new?